About us


Rehearsing at St James the Less September 2016

Gaudeamus are:

Musical Director

Ruth Brown


Elaine Alexander, Karen Bowery, Jessica Brittain, Georgina Davies, Kathy Hartnett, Ros Hayman, Veronica O’Keefe, Elizabeth Upsher


Pat Ahlquist, Janice Bunton, Viv Giddings, Mary Henry, Karen Hudson, Chris Hurley, Shirley Masterson, Margaret White


James Ahlquist, Richard Brittain, Andrew Giddings, Colin Gilmore, Tony Harvey, Alan Lamont, Mark Terry


Lawrence Barker, Malcolm Davies, Dennis Hamilton, John Street, Nigel Warwick-Brown, Alex Welsh



As a chamber choir, our membership is limited in order to achieve the small choir sound, and so normally we only recruit new members when someone leaves, which does not happen that often.   When vacancies do occur, we recruit by audition and we will advertise vacancies locally. We do sometimes need extra singers to cover absences or for larger projects, so if you are an experienced choral singer who is proficient at reading music and you are interested in joining us on that basis, please contact Ruth Brown via this website [link].


Congratulations to Ruth Brown and Gaudeamus on a superb concert. The orchestra really were the icing on the top of a rather rich and splendid cake. Nice to hear a new carol and the musicological 12 days of Christmas was excellent.